Yuantel banded with more than 60 CP/SP strategic partners such as Ali, Tencent, Baidu, China Unicom and Amap to create a car ecosystem service platform and realize one-stop car service for car owners.

乐优棋牌 Ecological Aggregation Platform - Deep Integration of SOA Resources and Basic Services

乐优棋牌Through the integration of multi-channel service resources, Yuantel realizes the monitoring of resource data usage, intelligently and initiatively allocates high-quality resources in such aspects as transport services, after-market, information, life and entertainment, and provides multi-dimensional services.


乐优棋牌It has conducted docking and cooperative discussions with more than 60 resource providers including Tencent, Baidu, AutoNavi and Jingdong.

乐优棋牌 Car Ecology on-board App - On-board Application Based on Car Service

乐优棋牌Car ecology on-board app is a car service application based on the on-board terminal around the mainstream car service demand and the development trend of Internet of Vehicles, mainly including rescue service, traffic service, schedule assistant, new energy car control, emergency assistant, intelligent parking, etc.

Successful Cases of Car Ecology on-board App - Car Guard

乐优棋牌Yuantel Car-guard realizes the following functions through IVSA algorithm and monitoring of driving industry data:


Monitoring vehicle data, driving data and resource data, providing a car solution, predicting the residual value of maintenance, and offering maintenance suggestions to users in a timely manner


When an abnormality is found, safe driving advice will be given to users


Accurately analyzing the vehicle information, such as mileage, duration, fuel consumption, fuel cost, etc., to achieve user portrait establishment, UBI insurance products and operation


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